We believe in data and algorithms. At the same time, we believe in real people, their consulting ability and concept development expertise based on years of experience—some might call it intuition—to attain campaign success. Our key goal is to develop the best technology and attract the best possible talent in the programmatic age, and in doing so make advertisers more successful.

We follow a strict philosophy: We enhance the value of advertisers’ own exclusive data and put them far ahead of the competition.

We call it private programmatic.


1. We offer advertisers an advantage via exclusive live intent data
In a world where data makes all the difference, we enhance the value of exclusive proprietary data. We develop exclusive first-party data sources via onsite, CRM or BI, making the data available to advertisers in real-time marketing (RTA).

2. We increase efficiency with a holistic view of all data
User behavior across all digital touch-points is analyzed and profiled simultaneously. This way, a compiled view of all data points with user interests and intentions is attained. We can pinpoint exactly which advertising messages are successful as well as when, where and how. And all this in real-time.

3. We reach more users
By connecting all primary inventory sources and exchanges, we see all users several times a day. In combination with tactical direct bookings, advertisers can reach their campaign goals for defined audience segments more efficiently.

4. We deliver results
Sales funnels vary from brand to brand. For this reason, we choose not to work with static segments, but instead consider individuality through rule-based audience segments, which result from users’ intent and behavioral data. We then optimize all activities, whether the campaign objective be branding, lead generation, sales, up-selling or a combination of the former.

5. We work directly with advertisers
Great technology alone does not make for a solid media strategy, optimal organizational setup or campaign initiation. Our team of specialists for data-driven online marketing supports advertisers in addressing these questions and converting them into campaign successes.

6. We provide more privacy via private cloud
We rely on a customized private cloud for our clients in German data center. This way exclusive personal data physically stays at the advertiser’s domain. As a German technology company, we are certified by all national and European data protection regulators.