The NEXT AUDIENCE PLATFORM offers one-stop technology for programmatic marketing. Our team of over 30 experts supports advertisers with well-founded consulting for a successful start in programmatic advertising. Upon request, our team will oversee media buying, creative development and campaign optimization.

Our aim is not to replace media agencies, but to compliment them, for example by assisting with the in-sourcing of media services. We offer complete transparency with our services rendered fee model. Neither do we receive kickbacks, nor do we redeem arbitrage margins or agree to non-transparent performance models.


Programmatic Consulting


We support advertisers in all areas of programmatic advertising: From the assessment of the current situation to the development of a programmatic media strategy and the operational implementation of new roles and duties for agencies and customer service. Our aim is to help advertisers draw maximum efficiency from their own data and gain proprietary advantage over the competition, whether via digital branding, digital performance or the management of cross-channel marketing activities. Our consulting services at a glance:

  • Assessment of existing media activities and agency setups
  • Development of programmatic media strategies
  • Development of acquisition concepts for third-party and propriety data (tagging, data feeds, ETL processes, interface programmin
  • Project management, implementation and quality assurance
  • Design and development of dynamic advertising
  • Definition of future media KPIs and development of relevant reporting specifications
  • Management and monitoring of buying negotiations (advertisers and agencies)
  • Definition of roles within new agency setups
  • Training support and recruitment for in-sourcing media services
  • Workshops, trainings and routine review meetings
  • Customer-specific analysis by our data science team
  • Product development for algorithms, custom analysis and reporting infrastructure

Programmatic Media


Upon request, we will oversee the operational implementation of the defined programmatic media strategy—as a sparring partner within the existing agency setup, as a fallback for planned in-sourcing or entirely on a needs basis.

Our programmatic media team consists of specialists in branding and performance, who manage and optimize dozens of campaigns daily with the NEXT AUDIENCE PLATFORM.

Our services at a glance:

  • Design and implementation of programmatic branding and performance campaigns
  • Development and implementation of bidding strategies in RTA / RTB
  • Coordinating with advertisers and, when needed, exchanges / networks / SSPs
  • Media buying via conventional inventory sources
  • Disbursement, monitoring and optimizing of campaigns based on defined KPIs via non-RTA-channels
  • Design and implementation of static and dynamic promotional materials and onsite teasers
  • Concept development for addressing rule-based audience segments
  • Design and implementation of private retargeting campaigns
  • Contact class optimization and sequencing across all digital channels
  • Reporting & analysis
  • Technical placement of tracking tools with ongoing supervision
  • Troubleshooting and adjustment for counting discrepancies
  • Technical preparation for campaigns