Online advertising is being automated rapidly. In this new realm, we deliver better results to advertisers. By utilizing exclusive proprietary data and customized algorithms, we increase the impact of our clients’ branding campaigns, address more prospective customers and convert them via retargeting. All this is possible without sharing data and insights with third parties. We call it private programmatic.

Our NEXT AUDIENCE PLATFORM provides the necessary one-stop technology for programmatic marketing: a real-time private DMP, a state-of-the-art private ad server and an audience dashboard.

This solution’s central feature is the management of rule-based audience segments based on exclusive intent data along the entire user journey and (re-)addressing through dynamic display ads and teasers across various digital touch points (starting at the home-site and spanning newsletters, affiliates, display direct buys and RTA).

Our platform offers campaign management and ad delivery, as well as profile store setup. This closed cycle of data collection, analysis and ad delivery offers advertisers the following key advantages:

  • Cross-channel optimization for branding campaigns
  • More efficient acquisition of prospective customers via dynamic audience segments and identification of the most opportune inventory sources and publishers
  • Drop in CPO by re-addressing and converting prospective customers through private retargeting
  • Up-selling offers to existing customers via private offers





The NEXT AUDIENCE PRIVATE DMP is the central hub, where all data feeds are collected in real time, enabling advertisers to identify recoverable audience segments and target them respectively. In addition, we have developed scalable in-memory data storage technology which reliably processes tens of thousands of data points per second and integrate advertisers’ proprietary data (e.g. CRM). The features of the NEXT AUDIENCE PRIVATE DMP at a glance

  • Server-based profile processing (in-memory technology) for profile data enhancement and real-time management of rule-based audience segments
  • Integration of exclusive CRM and first-party data as well as merging, collecting, processing, segmentation and enrichment of data for profile-driven campaign management in real-time advertising (RTA) and the distribution of dynamic ad motifs
  • Data collection at the client’s domain (e.g.
  • 2nd and 3rd party data integration
  • Linking RTA / RTB inventory sources
  • Target discovery to increase the relevant scope
  • Private retargeting prevents exclusive intent signals from being shared with competitors
  • Private offers for individual ad delivery
  • Recommendation engine
  • Data protection compliant technology (follows EDAA and e-privacy seal of approval guidelines)



With over ten years of proven ad-server technology, we are one of Germany’s targeting pioneers. We deliver billions of ad impressions each month and customize advertising media dynamically in real-time.


  • Delivery of display campaigns, rich media and video (Video vast 1.0 & 2.0)
  • Cross-agency advertising across all channels
  • Rule-based advertising derived from real-time data
  • Data collection at the client’s domain (e.g.
  • Extensive targeting options
  • Real-time optimization based on individual campaign KPIs
  • Onsite teaser management for websites and newsletters
  • Dynamic advertising and integration of product catalogs
  • Standard and customized optimization options (cpo, cpc, cpl, cpx)
  • View-time analysis
  • Data protection compliant technology (follows EDAA and e-privacy seal of approval guidelines)

Audience Dashboard

We have the answer to data fragments and inconsistencies due to a growing number of digital channels and partners. The NEXT AUDIENCE DASHBOARD offers a holistic view of all data in conjunction with the NEXT AUDIENCE PLATFORM. With data merging, coherencies become more transparent and may be easily converted into successful campaigns.

The NEXT AUDIENCE DASHBOARD features at a glance:

  • Overview of data and KPIs across all channels
  • Customizable KPIs and the integration of individual parameters
  • Accessibility across mobile devices
  • Data enhancement from all data sources (e.g. media costs)
  • Creation and definition of audience segments
  • View time analysis (payment for visible ads only)